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Ordering process

The shop can be accessed via the internet with a user name/password combination.
Registration of external stakeholders only by approval from CC&PA

Process as in other known online-shops (Amazon etc). The user is logging in and starts shopping. The supplier collects, packs and distributes to the customer every Tuesday and Thursday. Orders must be received before 10 AM Tuesday and Thursday to make delivery the same day. 

Private purchases from Siemens Gamesa online shop is NOT allowed .  

Be aware that in order to be able to check-out and send the final order: you must upload a purchase order as PDF which IDÉ House of Brands will use for invoicing.
Vendor IDÉ House of Brands must consequently be a registered vendor of the respective legal entity. 


  1. Visit the SGRE merchandise webshop:
  2. Create a log-in and password.
  3. Start shopping.
  4. Select item you would like to order.
  5. Add the number of the items .
  6.  Add into the shopping cart.
  7. Continue shopping or.
  8. Proceed to check-out.
  9. Insert the personal credentials needed.
  10. Select shipping method.
  11. Select payment method.
    a. Credit card – Insert your credit card details.
    b. Purchase Order – Upload a PDF of your purchase order.
  12. Accept terms & conditions.
  13. Select “Complete my order”.
  14. An order confirmation will be sent to your mailbox.
  15. Packing and distribution will be carried out according to terms and conditions.